Pain is translated by everyone in the same manner. When you are injured, for example when you cut your finger, the sensory receptors on your finger 'picks-up' pain signals and transmit these to your brain and spinal cord, via a series of nerve fibres. It is at the brain that these messages are translated into the painful sensations they are.

For those with acute pain symptoms, such as headaches, the discomfort typically lasts for a few weeks and often resolves itself once the damaged tissues are healed. However, those with chronic pain generally experience the undesirable symptoms for a longer duration (over six months). These can be patients of a medical condition, such as fibromyalgia, or those who experience some sort of trauma, such as spinal cord injury.

Those who require the relief of chronic pain can buy tramadol 100 mg in an approved generic of this pain medication, such as Maxitram. Maxitram tablets are an equally efficacious generic formulation of the original brand of extended-release tramadol painkillers.

You can buy painkillers online, such as Maxitram pain-relievers, via our online platform, which retails a large variety of high-quality, FDA-approved brands and generics.

What is Maxitram?

Maxitram is a generic of the branded pain medication, Tramal. A generic formulation contains the same active ingredient as a branded original and is also governed by the same testing and safety regulations as the brand name therapeutic. The main difference between a brand and a generic version is the cost.

Generics can be more affordable as they do not need to be advertised as much as a brand, which is typically new to the pharmaceutical market when initially released. Moreover, the manufacturers of a generic are not liable for the clinical trial expenses that the manufacturers of brand name medications are restricted to.

The use of generic medications in the EU has more than doubled from the period of 2005 to 2017, totalling about three quarters of total prescriptions handed out. Generic Maxitram has the following medical uses:

  • Pain relief: the FDA approves the use of Maxitram painkillers for the management of acute and chronic pain. These pills are similar in potency to one-tenth of a dose of morphine.
  • Fibromyalgia: this is a widespread pain affecting the joints, ligaments, bones, tendons and muscles. Fibromyalgia can generally be triggered by a stressful event, an infection or injury, and affects about 1.5 to 2 million people in the EU. Maxitram may be used as a second-line treatment for the management of fibromyalgia symptoms, as approved by the EU National Health Services (NHS).
  • Restless leg syndrome: Maxitram may be used for the treatment of restless leg syndrome, especially in cases where dopamine agonists (medicines that bind to dopamine receptors to bring about analgesia) and gabapentinoids (painkillers that have been derived from the neurotransmitter, GABA) have been ineffective.

Maxitram Active Ingredient

The analgesic properties of Maxitram are due to the active ingredient in the medication, which is tramadol. These pills are designed for prolonged use as they slowly release the active ingredient to extend the analgesic effects.

Maxitram prolonged-release capsules are available in the following dosages:

  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg
  • 150 mg
  • 200 mg

The active component of this pain-reliever therapeutic is released when the medication is dissolved in a bi-phasic manner. Following administration, the medicine binds to the receptors that are involved in the transmission of pain signals and changes the way the brain senses pain.

You can buy tramadol in the EU in this extended-release formulation and experience long-lasting relief from pain.

Maxitram Duration of Effects

The time-release Maxitram tablets can last for 12 to 24 hours. These tablets are not intended for those with severe liver or kidney disease as those with impaired hepatic functioning can be adversely affected by the extensive metabolism of the medication by the liver. Similarly, the medicine is not intended for those with impaired renal functioning as the metabolites of the therapeutic are primarily excreted via the kidneys.

This formulation may be used by elderly patients, who do not have severe hepatic or renal dysfunctions, as reported by Angeletti et. al. (2013). In this study, 522 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, aged 40 to 75 years, were administered 200 mg to 300 mg doses of the painkiller and the high percentage of pain relief satisfaction by the patients (75% to 80% of cases) revealed an effective and well-tolerated pain therapy among older individuals.

The duration of effects of Maxitram may be dependent on your age, gender and genetic profiling, among other factors. Seniors may experience prolonged therapeutic effects as a result of the physiological changes of aging. Likewise, women may experience the same because of their lower body weights and other physiological factors.

Those who are considered as ultra-metabolisers of this medication (those with genetic variants of the CYP2D6 enzyme) may not experience insufficient analgesia due to the breakdown of the therapeutic to the inactive metabolite instead of the active metabolites, which bring about pain relief.

what is tramadol

Maxitram Dosage Guide

  • Maxitram prolonged-release tablets are to be administered once a day.
  • These pills should be swallowed, in whole form, with a drink of water. The medication releases a quarter of the active component two hours after administration and the remaining 75% over a 24 hour period. It is for this reason, that you should swallow the medicine in whole form, without breaking or chewing the therapeutic, as doing so will release the active ingredient all at once, and hence, affect the functioning of the medication.
  • The most appropriate dosage is the lowest dose that provides therapeutic efficacy, with the lowest incidence of adverse effects. Generally, 100 mg is sufficient to control pain symptoms, but if this dosage is inadequate in providing pain relief, it may be increased in 100 mg increments. The maximum daily dosage should be 400 mg.
  • These tablets can be taken with or without food.
  • To ensure a consistent analgesic effect, the medication should be administered in a consistent manner (that means at approximately the same time every day).

Maxitram Side Effects

In a clinical trial of the extended-release formulations of this pain medication, about 81% of the study population experienced an adverse effect. The most common side effects were:

  • Dizziness or vertigo: 10% to 26% of clinical trial patients
  • Drowsiness: 7% to 30% of clinical trial patients
  • Constipation: 10% to 34% of clinical trial patients
  • Nausea: 11% to 33% of clinical trial patients

The average time to the onset of each side effect was as follows:

  • Dizziness or vertigo: four days
  • Drowsiness: three days
  • Constipation: nine and a half days
  • Nausea: six days

This medication is generally safe and the side effects are often mild in nature, however, the therapeutic is typically intended for short-term use unless otherwise indicated by a healthcare professional.

Are Opioids Like Maxitram Safe?

Maxitram prolonged-release tablets are safe, provided that they are used as indicated. As with most pharmaceutical treatments, this medication has a potential to become addictive, if used in excess. However, the painkiller pills are also greatly effective at relieving moderate to moderately severe pain when used in the correct manner.

Maxitram is not entirely safe during pregnancy, as revealed by scientific studies. However, it is important to treat pain during pregnancy. A small study in France reported that while this analgesic may cause reversible withdrawal symptoms in neonates, the pain-reliever was not associated with any major malformations in the newborn. The general basis of this pain therapy is that the tablets should be used if the therapeutic benefits outweigh the risks during pregnancy.

More About Maxitram in the EU

In an online journal article based on seven studies, the prevalence of chronic pain among the EU population ranged from 35% to 51% of the adult population. The data of this review showed that of these patients, approximately 14% of adults live with widespread chronic discomfort, 5.5% of patients suffer from fibromyalgia and 8% of EU adults experience consistent neuropathic pain.

It is for this reason that chronic pain is generally known as the silent epidemic in England and can be a possible explanation why many people buy painkillers in the EU regularly.

Maxitram can be a useful in treating neuropathic pain and other painful conditions. These pills can also be an effective second-line treatment of fibromyalgia. Contact us today for your pain-relieving Maxitram tablets.

Buy Ultram Maxitram in the EU

Over the past four decades, the increasing trend of generic prescribing, over branded medications, has allowed for improvements in pharmaceutical productivity, saving the NHS billions of pounds. In fact, recent reports have indicated that the NHS saved an estimated £7.1 billion, through the prescribing of generic formulations, since 1976.

If the NHS can save money through the use of generics, there is no reason that a patient cannot save costs through the use of these safe and effective alternatives to branded pharmaceuticals.

Maxitram is one such generic alternative that can provide prolonged analgesia through its time-release formulation. Join the millions of people in the EU who are effectively treating their symptoms of chronic pain, and buy Maxitram extended-release pills today. Simply order your painkillers from

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